Arqadium’s Halloween status update

Penned on the 31st day of October, 2018. It was Wednesday.

Hey there! Today is Halloween, and we wanted to update everyone on what’s been happening with our games and the rest of 2018.

In June we announced Project Rich Boy, now properly called SociaLife, with a release estimated for today or there about. July and August saw a lot of work done in writing and asset creation, and by the time September rolled around the only thing left to do was to code it all in and market + ship.

With life being so full of surprises, things didn’t happen that way for us and Arqadium found itself occupied with something else. In early September we were extended an invitation to fly out of the US and head to Southeast Asia for an extended tour and visitation, and we took that offer up and have been here since. Asia has gifted us with several business opportunities and relationships we wouldn’t have found in the west, and we’ve been doing 110% to make ends meet with those offers to get the company bootstrapped and running with cash.

But while the reward potential is big for us, it has been very challenging for us and you could say our test grades weren’t exactly straight A’s, although by no means have we been struggling. There was an offer for us to commission a game for a very large event taking place here this year and we put SociaLife and our other titles on hold to work on that alone. Of course, that means that we don’t have the SociaLife we originally promised all of you today on Halloween.

There are some other things that have come to counter that loss for us, and we’re very excited to tell you about them. The relationships we’re building in Asia have given us a wonderful, independent foundation for us to work with as a company, so when we return to the US we will have a much needed spread to start out with as we make more friends and find more problems to solve back home. We’ve also rekindled relationships with the original chief artist of Project Trinity, Yuki Raku, after several months without.

The best thing for us now though is that this turn of events has not caused a major delay. From here forward, we expect SociaLife and the other unannounced title Alexander’s been working on to be out by the end of the year, on Android Play Store, Amazon store, and the App Store with ad-based and ad-free versions available everywhere. These games are using a smaller, more purpose-built game engine of ours designed to allow iteration and prototyping as fast as possible.

Until next time,
Alexander Nicholi
President of Arqadium LLC